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Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About English Cocker Spaniels

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Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About English Cocker Spaniels

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About English Cocker Spaniels.

1, English cocker spaniel puppies have always been affectionate dogs, Dog owners love their spaniels and their spaniels love them.

2, The English Cocker Spaniel belongs to the family of land spaniels that are extremely competent at hunting.

3, For a Spaniel, the English Cocker is fairly tall, Its compact shape and short legs, however, help it move quickly through dense bushes.

4, English cocker spaniel puppies gait is ground-covering and powerful, and its facial expression is soft and pleasant.

5, A funny and cute characteristic is the English Cocker typically keeps its tail wagging when on the move.

6, The English Cocker Spaniel is social in nature, and most often in a cheerful or playful mood.

7, It loves to spend time with humans and is very obedient, carrying out an owner’s instructions devotedly.

8, Faithfulness to its master, in fact, is one of the English Cocker’s most recognizable characteristic.

9, English cocker spaniel puppies With a strong hunting instinct, the breed is always keen to learn new things.

10, The breed received the recognition of a distinctive variety only in 1936.



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